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Our Programs

Tree Planting

The women are encouraged to keep growing trees to make shades in their homes, to avoid dust and be catchment areas. The women also plant trees with a motive of using them for herbal medicinal purposes.

Agriculture/Animal keeping

Women keep animals such as cows for milk and meat, donkeys to help with carrying water from distant rivers and poultry especially chicken for meat and eggs. Indigenous Women from Namunyak use their land to plant crops both for subsistence and cash. Crops grown as food include maize, vegetables, beans, etc. Sugarcane is mostly planted as a cash crop which is forms a large coverage of land.

Education on human rights

Indigenous women and girls from Namunyak Lepolosi are educated on their rightswhich help to reduce the gap in illiteracy levels since most of them have gained knowledge on these issues and has lowered the impact of harmful traditional beliefs and practices such as early marriage as most of the women have developed the urge to school their children equally.

About Us

The organization Carry out various projects in target group’s location where its possible to reach every member of each group as compared to conducting the trainings or workshops in a centralized location will reach even more women which will enhance knowledge sharing and implementation of the project ideas, this is a strategy that the organization will keep implementing for further projects to ensure a large coverage and a better continuity of knowledge sharing.

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