Our Projects and Activities

Training on sustainable agriculture,matrimonial property,succession process and land rights
Youths from Namunyak lepolosi at their farm, demonstrating planting of different crops a few days after the training on green agriculture and food sovereignty.
#indigenouswomen attending the #16DaysofActivism2022 campaign at Lepolosi and one the practice they promised to abandon is #FGM which is a form of violence to girls.they also need thier voices heard in all matters in the community
Culture preservation and promotion of traditional knowledge as an area of focus by IIN,Namunyak,Noontawua,Sidai and Dupoto women groups in Lepolosi kilgoris,have built a total of 12 Maasai traditional Manyattas where bead working and sharing the idea of traditional medicines will be taking place.they have also planted tress which will serve as sheds for the women and other people who will be willing to visit them for story telling sessions as a way of passing knowledge and information from one generation to another which will also strengthen the local languages in the community.the Manyatta will also be accomodating visitors who will be visiting the women or who will be holding meetings in the hall situated there .

Namunyak Women Group play a great role in conservation of biodiversity.

Nadusari Musana,Women leader ,Ilkeek Oado women group Transmara county describing how biodiverity is important to them and community at large.The Indigenous Women from Ilkeek women group play a great role in conservation of Biodiversity